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  1. Kazrakree says:
    neutralize /ˈnjuːtrəˌlaɪz/ CET6 (neutralizing, neutralized, neutralizes).
  2. Shaktidal says:
    1 Make (something) ineffective by applying an opposite force or effect. ‘impatience at his frailty began to neutralize her fear’ ‘In addition, any other effects of cortisol are neutralized by RU - ’ ‘Winfield has excellent coverage skills and often was able to neutralize the slot receiver opposite him.’.
  3. Dijin says:
    • Congress can try to neutralize new legislation by modifying it or delaying it. • Two hot areas: products for dieters and antioxidants, which are thought to neutralize so-called free radicals that can damage cells. • Recent events have done much to neutralize the influence of the right-wing. • He neutralized the obscenity by touching.
  4. Manris says:
    How to use Neutralize Tablet. See also Warning section. If you are taking an over-the-counter product, read all directions on the product package before taking this thrisjuncprenenelbron.compcumcycarraraswitaglicounroumer.infoinfo you have any.
  5. Bram says:
    When you mix baking soda, a mild base, with acids, a chemical reaction turns the acids into harmless byproducts, such as salt and carbon dioxide. Knowing how to use baking soda is simple. With the right supplies and directions, you can safely neutralize hydrochloric acid.
  6. Vosida says:
    Neutralize is the preferred American spelling. Related words are neutralizes, neutralized, neutralizing, neutralizer and neutralization. The American spelling is gaining acceptance around the world. Neutralise and neutralize are examples of a group of words that are spelled with a “z” in American English and with an “s” in British English.
  7. Malacage says:
    May 16,  · A new study shows that antibodies from llamas can neutralize the virus that causes COVID Daniel Wrapp, the co-author of that study, is a .
  8. Faugul says:
    May 27,  · In that case, you should read our content on how to neutralize vinegar on metal. Because it is the most common substance used to remove rust. We will take you on a journey where we talk about rust formation and the best organic way to remove it.
  9. Dailrajas says:
    neutralize [noo´tral-īz] to render neutral. neu·tra·lize (nū'tră-līz), To effect neutralization. neutralize (no͞o′trə-līz′, nyo͞o′-) tr.v. neutral·ized, neutral·izing, neutral·izes 1. To make neutral. 2. To counterbalance or counteract the effect of; render ineffective. 3. To declare .

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